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During your trip to Andros, visit the Agadakis Tower, a unique architectural wonder worth visiting. Agadaki Tower in Andros is an imposing building in Apatouria, dating back to the 18th century. According to rumors, it was built to replace an older building on the same site. It is worth noting that the tower was the name of an old mansion on the island of Andros, belonging to the old Andriotic family of Tsortzi or Agadakis. The mansion is surrounded by eight acres of orchards, where there is a traditional olive press, an excellent example of pre-industrial oil production.

The Agadakis tower and the traditional olive mill were restored on the initiative of the Kailleios Library. The orchards around the traditional mansion are cultivated according to the standards of organic farming and great efforts have been made to preserve them. Finally, the upper floor of the tower is used as a venue for seminars and conferences.

Agadaki Tower in Andros – Historical background

The Agadakis Tower in Andros is the mansion of the well-known homonymous Andriotic Agadakis or Tsortzis family. After the death of Loizos M. Vrontisis in 1973, the property was transferred to the government, as there was no heir. The tower was rented to various people until it was leased out and eventually destroyed; in 1991, the remaining ruins were declared a listed building.

Around that time, the Kaeilios Library underwent a complete renovation and the Agadakis Tower was again in its prime.

The mill surrounding the impressive mansion, perhaps the most characteristic and important example of a pre-industrial complex, was restored to its original form after the renovation. The mill and the basement of the building still serve as exhibition spaces for the tools and objects used, showcasing the agricultural and rural culture of Andros. The acres of land surrounding the tower have been transformed into a beautiful botanical garden of cultural importance.

Agadaki Tower in Andros is a monument of the island’s agricultural history and is worth visiting!