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Andros trails are famous all over the world and the most important in the whole of Greece. The stately island of the Cyclades has a rich network of paths, both paved and dirt. The paths of Andros helped to connect the villages with the ports and vice versa. Around 1950 their use began to wane as the car spread throughout Greece.

Even nowadays you will find a very extensive network of paths in Andros, exceeding 300 km in length. Of the 300 kilometres, 200 kilometres are available for hiking and exploration. The volunteer group Andros Routes, as well as volunteers from all over the world, maintain the trails and make sure they stand the test of time.

Andros hiking trails – The natural landscape

Andros hiking trails are so special because of the natural landscape of the island. The lush green mountains and steep peaks make up a fantastic landscape. The abundant waters, waterfalls and streams that you will encounter on your hike create an atmosphere that is in no way reminiscent of the Cyclades. On the other hand, continuous human intervention has shaped the natural image of Andros in its own way. The variety of rural architecture is impressive, creating dozens of dry stone walls, terraces, liotrivia, and threshing floors.

Over 200 recorded watermills, 69 windmills, bridges, several of which are arched, and hundreds of chapels are scattered throughout the island.

Andros hiking trails – One of the most important in Europe

Andros hiking trails have been contributing for many years to the care and protection of the paths of Andros. The combination of the dynamic action of volunteers and serious environmental studies have made the trails one of the most important in Europe. Naturally, they have been an important tourist attraction for many years.

Andros hiking trails are definitely worth exploring when you visit the stately island of the Cyclades.