standard-title À la carte Breakfast Menu

À la carte Breakfast Menu

We will serve you bread with butter and jam for a start. You can choose an item from the “Signature Breakfast” or “Simple Breakfast” category, a coffee and juice or milk from the “Beverages” category. To finish we will serve you local almond sweet & fruit.

Signature Breakfast

with zucchini, smoked cheese, and local sausage

Cycladic crepe
with Tinos cream cheese, sweet tomato, and fresh spearmint from our garden

with local smoked ham (Louza), boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, and gruyere cream cheese from Tinos

with poached egg, greens, avocado cream, smoked salmon, and hazelnuts

Greek scrambled eggs in bread (Vegetarian)
scrambled eggs with cheese

Toasted Bagel
with local creme cheese, tomato, cucumber, and smoked salmon

Pancakes (Vegetarian)
with maple syrup, roasted nuts, banana, and whipped cream

Greek yoghurt (Vegetarian)
with spoon sweet and fresh basil

Summer Fruits (Vegetarian)
summer fruits with roasted nuts and aromatic honey

Organic Acai smoothie bowl (Vegan)
with soya yoghurt, oat milk, banana, roasted almonds, and apricots flavoured with lavender

Organic Pink Pitaya smoothie bowl (Vegan)
with soya yoghurt, oat milk, banana, granola, black sesame, and fresh peaches

Simple Breakfast

Choco pops with milk

Cereals with milk

Pancakes with praline

Fried eggs

Plain omelette
Make your own
+ Cheese
+ Bacon
+ Peppers
+ Tomato

Grilled cheese sandwich
Ham or Turkey with cheese





Greek double


Espresso double


Cappuccino double

Freddo Cappuccino

Freddo Espresso



Chocolate Hot / Cold

Orange juice Amita

Please inform the company’s staff of any allergies or intolerances you may have.
Our menu may contain allergens or traces of them.

Responsible by law:
Phillip Perrakis