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Cave Trypes – Top reasons to visit Andros Island

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Cave Trypes – Top reasons to visit Andros Island

The cave Trypes or Matia in Andros, is truly magnificent. It is located at Zorkos beach, on the north side of the island. Trypes is a small cave that when you look at it from the sea, resembles a pair of eyes, which stare at you intently. The view from the cave, to the blue of the Aegean, is beyond imagination.

Cave Trypes – Truly magnificent

Many times nature’s creations take your breath away, calm the spirit and create unforgettable memories. After centuries, as the waves of the sea hit the rocks mercilessly, these two huge eyes began to form. The salt and water sculpted the stone in such a way as to create this cave. Over time, erosion created many small galleries, making the cave even more imposing.

If you decide to go in you won’t regret it. Its entrance needs caution as it is steep like a narrow hole. The cave is slippery, so it requires slow and careful steps. The view through the cave is dreamy and you will be truly amazed.

Σπήλαιο τρύπες

Zorkos – A beautiful place

When you look down on the beach, as you arrive, you will be filled with excitement. It really is a wonderful image full of colors. Access to the beach is not that difficult, because although it is a dirt road, it is easy to cross. Also, the beach is quite large and sandy. In some parts, there are small rock formations that make it even more beautiful.

Of course, there are sunbeds and umbrellas for those who need comfort. But for those who do not need it, there is plenty of space to place their own umbrella. A little above the beach, you will find a wonderful tavern. If you choose Andros for your next vacation, do not miss the cave Trypes and Zorkos beach.