Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the check-in and check-out hours in Hotel Perrakis?

Check-in is at 15.00 and check-out at 11.00

Question: Is it possible to early check-in and late check-out from Hotel Perrakis?

Early check-in and late check-out from Hotel Perrakis is subject to availability and is possible upon early request to our reception desk.

Question: What are the scheduled itineraries from the port of Rafina in Athens, to the island of Andros?

All year round, the standard departure times from Rafina to Andros are at 08.00 hours in the morning and 17.30 hours in the afternoon. During the summer season, the itineraries are more frequent, so we suggest that you ask your travel agency for more information.

Question: And what about the Andros to Rafina itinerary?

The are no standard itineraries from Andros to Rafina. Your travel agency will give you all the information you need.

Question: How long is it from the port to the hotel?

Hotel Perrakis is just 2,8klm away from the port of Gavrio. More information about the hotel’s location is available on our LOCATION webpage.

Question: Where can I rent a car?

You can contact the reception desk of Hotel Perrakis, describe what you need and you will find the car you want, waiting for you, in front of the hotel.  

Question: Is there an underpass to go to the beach?

There is no underpass. Ιn some points, in order for you to to reach the beach, you’ll have to carefully cross the street.

Question: Do we enjoy the sea view from all the rooms?

Yes! All Hotel Perrakis rooms offer wonderful view to the sea.

Question: I can't stand any heavy noise. Will it be quite in my room?

No worries! All the hotel including the rooms is adequately insulated and the nearby area isn’t all that noisy. Additionally, the rooms’ windows and door when closed offer excellent soundproofing.  

Question: Will it be too hot? Do the rooms provide air conditioning? And will it be necessary for the A/C to be on all the time?

Αll of our rooms provides A/C. Nevertheless, Andros has a mild climate, and apart from a heat wave situation, which is somewhat rare, you will feel the fresh breeze in your room just by letting the balcony door open.

Question: We plan to go on holidays with our children? Is your hotel kid friendly?

The Hotel Perrakis is ideal for family vacation. It is on front of the beach, with a beach bar that offers quality snack food for those times of the day that children suddenly are hungry! Our restaurant menu includes absolutely kid friendly dishes; additionally, all rooms provide a small fridge for you to maintain fresh the all-time necessary water, milk and fruit.

Question: We are coming with our child. Is there enough space for a 3rd bed in the double rooms?

A third bed - its size is suitable for a child - can be added to your double room.

Question: It’s late in the night, in the hotel and I am hungry, or I need milk for my kid. What do I do?

The Hotel Perrakis Lobby Bar is open 24hours a day and offers apart from drinks and cocktails, toasted sandwiches, fresh juices and all kind of beverages.

Question: I don’t want my holidays to be only about sea and sun. What else is there to do in your hotel?

In Hotel Perrakis you can:

  • Visit the Scuba Center and go for scuba-diving and shipwreck exploring. Here, you can rent or buy all the necessary equipment, and follow lessons for starters or more advanced divers.
  • Windsurfing and kayaking on the beach just in front of our hotel
  • go snorkelling for you and your children
  • Rent your boat with a captain and enjoy fantastic boat tours, explore less known beaches and even picnic there!
  • Go for some light trekking in the nearby beautiful paths. The so-called  “cultural walks” also give you a chance to visit traditional houses and taste the delicious local omelette called “fourtalia”.