standard-title Cyclades Restaurant Menu

Cyclades Restaurant Menu

Crab salad – 12,00€
with chilli, papaya, caramelized hazelnuts and mayonnaise with cuttlefish ink

Cherry tomatoes with basil – 9,00€ (Vegetarian)
anise rusk, onion, olive oil, grated olive, capers and local cream cheese with mastic

Deep-fried oyster mushroom – 9,00€ (Vegetarian)
with sage cream and caramelized hazelnuts

Grilled dates – 9,00€ (Vegetarian)
stuffed with local cheese, tahini sauce and pomegranate

Fried meatballs – 10,00€
with french fries

Talagani cheese – 7,00€ (Vegetarian)
with capers spoon sweet

Fried Gruyere of Tinos – 8,00€ (Vegetarian)
with rose sweet

Tuna tartar 14.00€
with basil, tomato, olives, capers, and mild chili

French fries – 6,50€ (Vegan)

Green pea fava with smoked eel – 10,00€
caramelized carrots and marjoram oil

Steamed mussels – 11,00€
with smoked paprika, garlic, and lime

Grilled octopus – 12,00€
with lemon sauce

Tuna sandwich – 9,00€
with lettuce, egg, roasted tomato, peach pickle, mayonnaise with turmeric and fresh vanilla

Grilled Τuna steak 200gr. – 19,00€
with black garlic sauce, sliced mushrooms, and quinoa

Burger – 14,00€
with cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, roasted tomatoes, lettuce, whiskey sauce and french fries

Beyond Meat Vegan Burger – 14,00€ (Vegan)
with caramelized carrots, vegan cheese,  lettuce, mango-chili sauce, and french fries

Marinated grilled chicken – 12,00€
with yogurt – mint sauce and french fries

Chicken nuggets – 10,00€
with french fries

Vegan Gyros – 12,00€ (Vegan)
from Jackfruit, with onion, tomato, vegan tzatziki, and french fries

Vegan Hot Dog – 8,50€ (Vegan)
with cabbage pickle, almond, green apple, vegan mayo, and french fries

Almond cake – 6,00€
with caramelized almonds

Fruits salad – 9,00€ (Vegan)
with summer fruits

Please inform the company’s staff of any allergies or intolerances you may have. Our menu may contain allergens or traces of them. Prices include VAT and Municipal taxes.
Responsible by law: Phillip Perrakis