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Top reasons to visit Andros Island – Easter in Andros

Posted by Categories: Andros Island, Easter, Hotel
Top reasons to visit Andros Island – Easter in Andros

Easter in Andros | An unforgettable experience

Easter in Andros is filled with moments of devoutness and a festive atmosphere. The island fills with beautiful spring aromas and scents from the delicious local dishes. Traditional island-style music, in every part of the Island.

Easter in AndrosEach village has its beauty and a unique way to celebrate the traditions of the Holy Week, culminating in the Easter Sunday. From the pilgrimage of the epitaphs to the Resurrection of Christ. A day that Andros celebrates with euphoria and an endless feast. Easter in Andros is enchanting, with unusual traditions and unique dishes.

A journey where the destination has value and will remain unforgettable.

The Holy Week of Easter in Andros

Holy Thursday

On Holy Thursday, following the divine crucifixion, the reading of the Twelve Gospels begins. The Epitaph is decorated with fragrant flowers in each church under melodic chanting. It is a process that can last even after midnight or all night long.

Good Friday

On Good Friday, the religious pilgrimage of the Epitaphs in the churches, while in the evening, its procession takes place in Chora, in Korthi, in Gavrio, in Batsi and all the villages. The ornated epitaph passes through the cobblestone streets and the picturesque alleys of the island, under the light of the candles and the hymns.

Holy Saturday

On Saturday night the world celebrates the Resurrection in a beautiful, joyful feast. The people gather in the churches to receive the holy light that comes from the distant tomb of Christ. At the sound ofChrist is Risen” the night sky changes colours, under the thunderous noises of fireworks.

Easter in Andros

An experience of love overlooking the churches to embellish their sky with fireworks, creating a pleasant, friendly, family and romantic atmosphere. The night continues with the traditional serving of Magiritsa, the roast lamb in the oven, local wine and fun until dawn. Easter in Andros also means red eggs, a favourite Easter tradition.

Sunday of Easter in Andros

Easter in AndrosOn Easter Sunday in Andros celebration continue with culinary delights. It is worth trying the traditional “Lambriatis” or in other words the lamb of Easter.

Lambriatis is a prestigious Easter dish of Andros, delicious and stuffed with local products such as the classic Petroti cheese and the fresh vegetables. A rich and tasty dish that should not be missing from any table on Easter in Andros. Also on the same day in the afternoon, you will experience the “fireworks war” almost similar to the “rocket war” of Chios. You will live this amazing experience when suddenly with the slogan “Maskula”, they all run in anticipation of the deafening noise of the fireworks that travels all over the island.

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