standard-title Catering in Andros and Events

Catering in Andros and Events

Catering in Andros

Catering in AndrosThe Catering in Andros, it’s a team that goes everywhere and anywhere. The Cyclades Restaurant’s favorite flavors, travel all over Andros for you. Our excellent service comes to your place and creates the best conditions for a truly successful celebration.

Catering στην Άνδρο Whether you want an official dinner for your guests at home or just a spring meal in the blooming Andros fields, as well as a business event or a great celebration in the village square, you can always have an occasion to lay a wonderful table. The Catering in Andros, besides its quality, it can feed up to 120 people, away from the hotel. The great hospitality, the delicious tastes and also the capable service, make us the best.

Events for every occasion in Andros

The Hotel Perrakis is ideal not only for your holidays in Andros, but for events too. Maybe you dream a fairytale wedding reception, or a wonderful baptism, as well as an unforgettable birthday party. There’s a dreamy Cycladic landscape, to live unforgettable memories. Wonderful outdoors such as the panoramic terraces and the sails, or the beach.

Enjoy an addition of flavors, colors and aromas from our chefs. As well events from our whole experienced team, like barista and decorators. Those secrets of our success, completes the warm hospitality, the fun parties and the high professionalism. So we are waiting for you!

Cocktail Parties

Catering στην ΆνδροEven if it’s a stylish business meeting or a happy personal anniversary. In this special hotel, we organize wonderful cocktail parties. Enjoy our creative finger food by our exquisite chef. Good choices of music by our dj and of course the most amazing cocktails.


Catering στην ΆνδροThe day you will baptize your little child, will be a day full of emotion and joy. At the Hotel Perrakis we love these days! We will create the most beautiful baptismal reception, just as you dream of it. According to your choices on colors, ornaments and flavors, under the sea breeze.

Bachelor Parties

Catering στην ΆνδροYour wedding day will be definitely special. However, your bachelor party is ahead. Whether you prefer a cosmopolitan or a private scene. The most incredible cocktails and also the most happy service of the island, is what awaits you at Perrakis Hotel. Just make sure that you’ll have fun!

Full moon

Catering στην ΆνδροYou don’t need a special occasion to enjoy your special drink under the moonlight. In fact at Hotel Perrakis Cyclades restaurant every full moon it’s a party. Also there’s a party at the wonderful terrace. Flavors and music that will take you and also your loved ones away .



Catering στην ΆνδροSo you or your little child have birthday? We can help you around to plan a birthday party. There’s a large variety of cakes. Cakes like heart-shape or like Mickey mouse to chose from. Certainly, we design areas according to your wishes. Either you want a space full of balloons or celebrate by the beach with many – many candles. You can surely escape from the ordinary and design the most fantastic birthday party.