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Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in Andros!

Scuba Diving in AndrosThe Scuba Diving in Andros is magical. After all, It offers you a 176 km of shoreline, as the second largest island of Cyclades. The crystal water of Andros is filled with spectacular aquatic life, otherwise it’s a perfect place for a diving vacation.

The Andros is within a short distance from Athens. This fact has established the island as one of the greatest sites for scuba diving, as well as the other islands in the Cyclades too. Andros is the ideal stop for an adventure in conclusion.

Diving in Andros, Perrakis Hotel and ScubAndros

Καταδύσεις στην ΆνδροThe best setting for a diving vacation, however, is to have everything next to you. For that, the Scuba Andros is in an ideal place near two beautiful beaches, on the premises of Perrakis Hotel. It is the ultimate diving base with the best facilities and gears. Have an accommodation alongside with a diving equipment and the experienced divers, to explain you everything.

Of course, if you are not familiar with scuba diving, you can start from now, from the beginning. We are here to help you, so you can meet this unique diving world. But, if you have experience or you want to get a diploma, we can help you too, as official PADI partners. Also with enough experience, you will be able to travel to incredible dive sites to face the fascinating underwater world of Andros.