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Top reasons to visit Andros Island – Gerolimni

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Top reasons to visit Andros Island – Gerolimni

Gerolimni in Andros | “Hidden” natural gem!

Gerolimni in Andros is a major reason to visit the island. It is a setting you do not find anywhere else on a Cycladic island. ΄ The general morphology and nature of the island are unique. Andros does not look like any other island in the Cyclades. It is special!

Gerolimni in Andros

Gerolimni is located in the northern part of Andros, close to the settlement of the village Vourkoti. There, hidden in the mountains, you will meet a magical landscape taken from a fairy tale. A green, mountainous lake, with an impressive waterfall and the sound of water flooding the atmosphere following its course among the rocks. One encounters a natural beauty created by the running waters of the river Achla that crosses the island, from Mount Petalo to the popular and beautiful beach.

The colours, the smells, and the sound of the water

Gerolimni in Andros

Colours, trees, plants and water compose a creation of incomparable beauty. The lake is filled with cool water from an incredible waterfall. Swimming in Gerolimni is only for the brave. Many people play on the swing before taking a dive into the lake. In any case, although access to the area takes much effort, what you see will compensate you.

Whatever we say about Gerolimni, no matter how much we describe it and how many photos and videos you see, it does not compare with the feeling you have when visiting.

Access to Gerolimni

The truth being told is that access to Gerolimni needs a lot of planning. The best way to visit it is to book with a tour company for example Explore Andros, as they know very well how to get there safely and get the most out of the experience.

The bridge of the river Achla

If you decide to go alone you will leave the car at the monastery of Agios Nikolaos and you will take hiking trail 6 towards Vourkoti. When you arrive at the beautiful bridge of Achlas, you will exit the trail and walk along the river upwards. The distance from the bridge is about 30 minutes walk. You should be very careful and definitely wear closed shoes as you will need to climb rocks.