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Hiking Trails in Andros – Top Reasons to Visit Andros

Posted by Categories: Andros Island
Hiking Trails in Andros – Top Reasons to Visit Andros

With over 180 kilometers in length, the hiking trails in Andros, dating back to ancient times, are a unique experience for all hiking lovers. The northernmost of the Cycladic islands, our beloved Andros is an island of unparalleled beauty. Mountainous, green slopes alternate with picturesque villages, and valleys with running waters, next to impressive beaches with crystal clear waters. Most importantly, these natural wonders can be explored on foot through Andros’ extensive network of trails.

Μονοπάτια στην Άνδρο

Hiking Trails in Andros

Unlike other islands of the Cyclades, Andros combines deep blue waters with lush green. On top of that, Andros has a vast network of trails that tell the history of the island in the most eloquent way. At the same time, they reflect the special relationship of the locals with nature, which has forged the island’s unique culture over the centuries.

There is no better way to get to know the island and its people than to walk the unique hiking trails in Andros. These hiking trails, used by the locals to get from one village to another at other times, now lead locals and visitors on an unforgettable journey into the past.

In addition, the hiking trails in Andros traverse the island’s lush green landscapes and pass by streams, beautiful stone bridges, and majestic sights which are the best way to appreciate the island’s raw beauty. There are no words to describe the landscape’s serenity, the island breeze’s simplicity, and the amazing aroma of the Greek herbs you enjoy as you walk.

Most popular routes

Route 2a: (15 Minutes*)

It is the easiest hiking trail in Andros that anyone can enjoy. It is more of a leisurely stroll than an adventure of exploring the island. In fact, it is a detour from the longer route 2.

Route 2a starts from Apikia, a beautiful traditional village built according to the neoclassical architecture of the island. As you walk along the narrow path through lush vegetation, you hear nothing but water running down from the mountains. At the end of the trail, the small but impressive waterfalls of Pythara await you. No wonder the locals call this area “Fairyland”.

Μονοπάτια στην Άνδρο

Route 8: Apikia – Gialia Beach (2 hours)

Route 8 is a fairly easy but exciting hiking trail in Andros that starts from the village of Apikia and ends at Gialia beach, passing through beautiful landscapes and impressive sights. The route includes hiking alongside rivers and streams. You can admire the stunning view of Stenies, one of the most picturesque villages on the island.

At some point, a short detour brings you to Fabrica, an impressive watermill located in the heart of the valley. Most Greek islands are dry and suffer from a lack of water. In Andros, the exact opposite is true. This is why the island is home to 240 watermills.

Route 14: Gavrio-Ano Gavrio-Amolochos-Frousei Mill Vilage

Route 14 is a long distance route combines very diverse landscapes such as the green valley of Ano Gavrio, the Profitis Ilias mountain ridge, the historic village of Amolohos and the spectacular ravine of Frousaioi with its numerous water mill ruins. It is possible to hike parts of this route – for example only the Frousei mills route, which is ideal for more amateur hikers -as there are several access points along the way.

Route 15: Gavrio – Tower of Agios Petros – Agios Petros Beach (2,5 hours*)

Route 15 is one of the best hiking trails one can enjoy in Andros. The route starts from the port of Gavrio. But if you are a beginner with hikes, you might want to skip the first part of route 15.

Trail 15 in Andros gives you the opportunity to see the Tower of Agios Petros, one of the main attractions of the island. The tower probably served to control the sea thanks to its strategic location. The view of the sea from the point is literally breathtaking.

The trails in Andros are truly a fascinating experience that you will never forget!