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Port of Andros – Top reasons to visit Andros

Posted by Categories: Andros Island
Port of Andros – Top reasons to visit Andros

The main port of Andros is Gavrio, located on the west coast of the island. It is the port that connects the island with Rafina. The distance of Gavrio from Chora is 32 km and from Korthi 45 km. The port of Andros in the past was a fishing village, but since 1990 it had great economic growth due to tourism. However, since the end of the 60s, when it became the main port of the mansion island, it gradually began to prosper.

The port of Andros is bustling with life. It is full of hotels, restaurants, taverns, cafes, and bars. At the same time, however, Gavrio retains its picturesqueness. Wonderful alleys, paved sidewalks, and traditional houses adorn the port. It is also the starting point for all excursions to the north of the island. Finally, in the southern part of Gavrio, you will find wonderful beaches with golden sand and lovely waters. Such are Kypri, where the Hotel Perrakis is located, Fellos, Agios Petros, Chryssi Akti, and Agios Kyprianos.

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Port of Andros – Beautiful nearby villages and beaches

The port of Andros, Gavrio has many picturesque and beautiful villages around it. Very close by is the small settlement of Harakas, which has been in continuous development. The excellent location of the village has also contributed greatly to its development. A few minutes away by car you will find Fellos (Epano & Kato Fellos) and very close you will find the homonymous beach with its excellent waters. In addition, the locals consider Fellos an excellent fishing spot, so if you love fishing, you should definitely visit it.

To the north of the port of Andros is Ammolochos. Ammolochos is a mountainous village, at an altitude of 360 m and its name has several stories behind it. The story that seems to prevail is that it was named after the herb Molocha, which thrives in the area. Finally, you should not miss Agios Petros, perhaps the most famous beach in Andros. Agios Petros is located on a hill and therefore the view is truly unforgettable. Finally, the mountainous Vitali, known for its wide variety of crops, is worth a visit. There you will also find the beach of Vitali, one of the most beautiful on the island.

Very close to the port of Andros is Kypri with its very beautiful beach. Kypri beach is one of the most ideal spots for windsurfing and water sports. Children and adults have the opportunity to attend Windsurfing lessons and get to know the world of Watersports. Finally, the small rocky islets opposite the beach create a unique setting with enchanting sunsets. In Kypri you will also find Hotel Perrakis, for an excellent accommodation experience.

The port of Andros, Gavrio, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on the island.