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September in Andros

Posted by Categories: Andros Island, Hotel
September in Andros

September in Andros Island, summer never ends

September in Andros is the best month for getaways and long holidays. It’s the month that the locals delight more since the island quiet down a bit after a busy August. The breeze subsides and the weather is summerlike but not too hot. Many say that September in Andros is unique. The island is located just 2 hours from Athens and is the second largest in the Cyclades. A combination of blue and green everywhere. Don’t think about it, September in Andros is the best choice.

What will you do;

You will swim, enjoy boat trips and scuba diving

September in AndrosAndros has more than 100 beaches, many organized and many quiet and secluded. Other sandy and mild and others with the wild beauty of the north side of the island. The truth is that there is a beach in Andros just for you.

But there are also beaches accessible only by sea. A good opportunity for a boat trip. If you are also a lover of the seabed you can discover the underwater world of Andros. The crystal clear waters of Andros are full of interesting aquatic life, making it the perfect place for scuba diving vacations. At the ScubAndros diving center, you will find everything that you need for an unforgettable experience in Andros.

You will walk the hiking trails, cross rivers and climb

September in AndrosSeptember in Andros is ideal for walking on its certified hiking trails. The weather gives you the opportunity to get to know the island by following the old transportation network of the island that passes through beautiful villages and the unique natural beauty of Andros. A 100km route received the European Leading Quality Trails-Best of Europe certification in October 2015 from the European Ramblers Association, making Andros one of the top European hiking destinations.

River Trekking is also a great idea. Discover one of the most fascinating and natural places in Andros, the Achla River. Walk along the river and explore this enchanting place, an oasis full of trees. Finishing up, take a dive and swim in the Gerolimni Waterfall! If you want something more extreme and safe you can climb next to the largest Cyclades waterfall in Paleopolis, Andros. Explore Andros will help you discover that part of the island.

You will taste the local cuisine

September in AndrosFood in Andros has its own characteristics, directly connected to the local products of the island. You have to taste: Louzes and sausages. Louza is marinated in sweet red wine, flavored, and smoked. The sausages are spicy, smoked and have a strong anise flavor. Fourtalia: omelet with potatoes, mint, local Andros sausages, glyna. Pasteli: Made with walnuts, rusk, honey, and sugar. It’s a New Year’s confection.

You will have a great time

September in Andros is unique. Unique and memorable as the moments you will live and memories that will load in your suitcases.