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Tourlitis Lighthouse – Top reasons to visit Andros – Part 11

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On the stately Aegean island of Andros, a lighthouse rises from the water, the famous Tourlitis, is one of the most important landmarks on the island and of the Cyclades. The lighthouse Tourlitis has been illuminating the seas, protecting the incoming ships for more than 120 years. This picturesque and impressive structure is built on […]

Top reasons to visit Andros Island – Part 3 – Easter in Andros

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Easter in Andros | An unforgettable experience Easter in Andros is filled with moments of devoutness and a festive atmosphere. The island fills with beautiful spring aromas and scents from the delicious local dishes. Traditional island-style music, in every part of the Island. Each village has its beauty and a unique way to celebrate the traditions […]

Top reasons to visit Andros Island – Part 2 – Panachrantou Monastery

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Η παραλία Άχλα είναι σίγουρα ένας από τους λόγους που πρέπει οπωσδήποτε να επισκεφθείς την Άνδρο. Στα βορειοανατολικά του νησιού κάτω από το χωριό της Βουρκωτής βρίσκεται ένας μαγικός κόλπος με σμαραγδένια νερά, ψιλό βοτσαλάκι και άμμο.