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Tis Grias to pidima – Top reasons to visit Andros Island

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Tis Grias to pidima – Top reasons to visit Andros Island

The beach “Tis Grias to pidima” (the old lady’s leap) in Andros, is one of the most famous beaches on the island and of whole Greece. You will find the beach on the southeast coast of Andros near Korthi. Its waters are crystal clear and reflect the golden sunlight like a mirror. The blue and green colors of the waves “dance” in perfect harmony.

However, the beach became famous not only for its wonderful waters. The huge rock, stuck in the sand, 15 meters in height, gave it its name and much of its popularity. The way the salt and the winds carved the rock, giving it a unique appearance, make the beach famous in all of Greece. From a distance, the rock resembles an old woman hunched over and this provided the spark to create three, unique myths, behind the story of the name.

Tis Grias to pidima – A big mystery

The stories that have formed behind the name of the beach are many, with three being the most prevalent. Of course, they all have to do with the imposing rock in the middle of the beach, reminiscent of a granny in a headscarf.

The first story is about a woman who was widowed for the third time in her life. When she lost her third husband she couldn’t take it and out of heartbreak, she decided to end her life. She climbed a high rock and jumped. At the spot where she fell, the tragic woman’s body was petrified and since then she has been standing on the beach of the same name.

In the second version, the story where the woman ends her life by jumping off the high cliff does not change. In this version, however, the old woman is being chased by the Turks. When she realizes that she will not be able to escape from their hands, she prefers to end her life. Her body is stoned where she fell, showing her strength and bravery.

Της Γριάς το πήδημα Κόρθι Άνδρος παραλία βράχος

The third and most prevalent story is maybe the most interesting. The old woman is sent by the Turks with her pregnant daughter, to the Castle of Faneromeni to fool the inhabitants. This castle was considered extremely powerful and the Turks were looking for a way to conquer it. So the old woman managed to get into the castle, as the inhabitants took pity on her. On the same night, she opened the gate for the Turks to enter. After the nightmarish bloodshed that followed, the old woman could not bear it. Guilt filled her soul with shame and remorse and in order to end these thoughts, she ended her own life.

How do I reach Tis Grias to pidima beach?

You will find the beach in the southeastern part of the island very close to Korthi. It is about 38 kilometers away from Gavrio, the main port and 23 kilometers away from Chora, the capital of Andros. Once you reach Korthi Bay, continue north along the coastline and you will find yourself in the small port of Vintzi. The beach is located east of the large bay of Korthi, just behind the small church of Agia Aikaterini.

At the junction to the settlement of Rogo is the church of Panagia with the famous iconostasis. If you have the time it is definitely worth a visit. The last few minutes of the route will be on a dirt road, which however is not difficult to cross. At the end of the road, you will see the beach. Follow the small path to find yourself in this nature’s fairy tale. From Gialo via Agia Aikaterini, you can choose to hike instead of driving, as the natural environment is extremely beautiful.