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Vegan in Andros Island

Posted by Categories: Andros Island, Lunch, Vegan
Vegan in Andros Island

Vegan in Andros at the Hotel Perrakis

Vegan in Andros

If you are a Vegan in Andros then you should definitely visit the Cyclades restaurant and the Kypri Beach Bar of Perrakis Hotel. If you are not? Never mind. Time to learn that anyone who says that the vegan diet can not be tastefully exciting is wrong!

Of course, taste and health benefits are not the only reason to enjoy our vegan menu options. The vegan diet helps to slow down climate change, reduce water consumption, use less land for livestock farming, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and minimize energy use.

At Hotel Perrakis we always support actions that contribute to the health of people and our planet.

Vegan in Andros at the Cyclades restaurant and Kypri Beach Bar

Vegan in Andros
Beyond Meat
Vegan Burger

We are vegan friendly! This year you must travel to taste through the menu of our Chef Nikolas Laios. Enjoy unique tasty vegan options in Andros served at the Cyclades restaurant and by the sea, at the Kypri Beach Bar of Perrakis Hotel.

Our chef Nicolas Laios
Our chef Nicolas Laios

Enjoy the delicious Beyond Meat Vegan Burger with caramelized carrots, vegan cheese, lettuce, mango-chili sauce, and french fries. Try the Vegan Hot Dog with cabbage pickle, almond, green apple, and vegan mayonnaise. You will be amazed by how the traditional Greek Gyros became vegan through an amazing recipe from Jackfruit, onion, tomato, vegan tzatziki, and fried potatoes.

Cyclades restaurant | Kypri Beach Bar

Cyclades restaurant is the most summer restaurant in Andros and is one of the most popular gastronomic destinations on the island of Andros. Indulge in a magical gastronomic experience, on the terrace with the wonderful sea view, where the white of elegance meets the blue of the Aegean.

Amazing view of the Aegean
The whitewashed deck

The Kypri Beach Bar will offer you moments of relaxation in a unique golden beach with turquoise waters. Gaze over the blue sea from the whitewashed deck or spread your towel on the sunbed and touch the sand. Dive into the crystal clear water and enjoy swimming.

Join us!

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