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Waterfalls in Andros – Top reasons to visit Andros

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Waterfalls in Andros – Top reasons to visit Andros

Waterfalls in Andros? Waterfalls in the Cyclades? And yet, the noble island, Little England, as many people call it, apart from its beautiful beaches, also has magnificent waterfalls. Specifically, these are the Pythara Falls, in the village of Apikia, just 10 minutes from the main road. Once you leave your car and start walking, a wonderful natural landscape will start to reveal itself. Considering that this is a Cycladic island, the experience becomes even greater.

Waterfalls in Andros – A magical landscape

Pythara Falls is a truly wonderful place. Only if you walk the magical paths, smell its aromas, and listen to the landscape’s melodies, you will truly understand this magical experience. Especially in the summer, the combination of the sounds of the cicadas and the sound of the water falling on the white slabs will leave you speechless. On one hand, you will be on an island in the Cyclades, with incredible sandy beaches and warm, bright sun. On the other hand, you’ve just entered a lush green path, with bird sounds, ponds, and small waterfalls. A combination of images you will definitely not expect to encounter on this beautiful, noble island.

A true oasis of coolness and serenity, which stands out strongly from the rest of the island’s climate. A path easy to walk along, that slowly reveals its magic. The smell of the trees, wet plains, and flowers, surpasses the best perfume. The green with the blue of the sky and the gold of the sun, are more striking than the most beautiful photograph.

καταρράκτες στην Άνδρο καταρράκτες Πυθάρα

Small but lush ecosystem

The waterfalls in Andros are located in Pythara and are, as the locals say, a real fairyland. Indeed, if you visit them you will think you are in a fairy tale with elves and fairies. The streams of Pythara may be a small ecosystem, but it is the home of many types of birds and amphibians. If you are lucky you might even see the beautiful ducks with their young ones. In addition, rare plants and beautiful wildflowers grow all along with the stream. The Pythara used to irrigate the fields and from 1863 to 1936 its waters powered the largest water mill in the Balkans, the “Fabrica” further down in Stenia, a picturesque village of Andros.

How to get to Pythara Falls

Arriving at the village of Apokonia you will find a sign saying “Pythara Falls” on an uphill right turn. At this exact point, you will find a parking lot and a house. A path starts next to it, not really long (about 15 minutes) and quite easy to walk. This enchanting walk will take you through nature and will lead you to the first small waterfalls and natural ponds.

The waterfalls in Andros and specifically the Pythara Waterfalls, are one of the most unique destinations on the island and in the Cyclades overall. Accessing them is particularly easy, but the experience is hard to describe unless you visit this unique ecosystem yourself.